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History of the Cemetery

The Strasburg Cemetery Association was incorporated on July 12, 1866.  The Board of Managers of the Strasburg Cemetery Association has secured all records related to the cemetery, including the original charter, scroll of the lots, and lot transactions.

The cemetery occupies 3 1/2 acres in the historic town of Strasburg, PA.  There are 1,232 memorials in the cemetery.  The earliest date of death for an individual interred in the cemetery is Catherine Hock Book who passed on July 10, 1831, though there is some confusion of her exact date of death.

Board of Managers

The original Rules and By-Laws of the Strasburg Cemetery Association were adopted on March 16, 1936.  Those bylaws remained in effect until 2019, when the current Board of Managers revised the bylaws to comport with modern business practices.

The current Board of Managers include​:

Norman Lutz - President

Jeff Mills - Secretary

Don Johnson - Treasurer

Bill Koch - Superintendent

Todd Spare - Manager

John Bachman - Manager

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