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... and maintaining the beauty of the cemetery for you, your family, and generations to follow.

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When a Loved One Passes Away

Know that we are sorry for your loss, and will work in coordination with your Funeral Director to manage the burial. 

  • Begin by contacting your chosen funeral home. Your funeral director will help coordinate the arrangements according to your wishes

  • Your Funeral Director will contact the Cemetery Superintendent to arrange the date and time of the interment at the cemetery

  • The Cemetery Superintendent will arrange to open and close the gravesite

  • Please allow a 48-hour notice prior to the service

  • Burials may take place Monday through Saturday

  • Your funeral director will collect the burial fees and submit them to the Strasburg Cemetery Association


Fee Schedule for Lots and Services

As of September 2021.  Prices are subject to change.

Burial Lots

Cost per Lot

Perpetual Care

$ 350

$ 150

$ 500

Total Lot Cost

Interment Costs

Single Depth

Monday - Saturday

$ 700


$ 1,400

Double Depth

$ 800

$ 1,600

Cremation Burials

Monday - Saturday

$ 400


$ 800

Fee Schedule

Summary of Cemetery Regulations

  • Lot holders, their heirs or other responsible parties are responsible for erecting and upkeep of headstones

  • Permanent headstones or markers must have an adequate concrete footer that is flush with the surrounding ground level

  • N0 fencing, steps, structures or other obstructions are permitted on grave lots

  • Visitation is permitted from dawn to dusk

  • Planting of flowers, bushes, trees or other growing plants is not permitted and the Association may remove such plantings

  • Floral arrangements may be placed next to headstones and markers

Strasburg Cemetery Association, Inc

PO Box 243

Strasburg, PA 17579

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